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We are Quadrant D – BCHS Rockband.


Auditions and interviews take place each year in May for the next year. Songs are selected and arrangements are created during the summer to give each student an opportunity to practice before the class begins. BCHS Rockband takes place each year during the spring semester. During the first two months, the students produce and studio recording for a CD of original and cover songs. The sessions take place in Studio H12 with tracking produced by the students. They also record a LIVE multi-camera DVD of performances. The students then create a stage show during the third month to perform during April and May. The students create a persona which include posters, t-shirts, a website along with various other merchandise and marketing material. The band management contacts the various venues to schedule a tour of dates to perform.

Quadrant D is under the direction of the BCHS A/V Production Professor, Mr. Gwen Shroyer, in the Business Academy at Bradley Central High School. If you are interested in booking Quadrant D, please email your contact info to  Stay tuned for more exciting information about when and where to see this high performance ROCKBAND.

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